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Here at Paradox HQ we strive very hard to find unusual and jaw-dropping bands to fill your evenings with surprises, excitement, and maybe even a touch of enlightenment. This year we think we have outdone ourselves, and there are still more to be added over the next few months. Just look at the wealth of goodies we have lined up for you! Of course you may not know many (or any) of these bands, but we believe that is part of the fun…a voyage of discovery, if you will. Click on the band names to go to their website to find out more about them, or check out their tunes in the ‘Paradox Jukebox’ on the right hand side of the page…

The Scaramanga Six

The Scaramanga Six

The Scaramanga Six is the brainchild of headstrong siblings Paul and Steven Morricone – not conventional mindless rockers, but more like softly-spoken, yet intense nightclub bouncers. Raised on a mixed education of Stranglers and Tony Bennett, the band discovered there was fun to be had crooning and shouting in equal measures. The Scaramanga Six are like an evil version of a pop group and have carved their own scenester-defying niche since the mid-90’s as the most unique underground rock band in the UK. The Scaramanga Six release seventh album ‘Phantom Head’ recorded by Steve Albini (Pixies, Nirvana) in 2013.

White Blacula

White Blacula

Bask in the glory of the ‘GREAT ALL KNOWING!’
Dance the ‘PYRAMID TWIST’!
Rejoice as we tell you the importance of the ‘COSMIC CONSTANT!’
The sermon will be given in the tongue of the Wacula Vernacula, you may not be familiar with it now but you will soon catch on!

100% Beefcock and the Titsburster


From their website (and we’re not arguing) – “We are two women playing drums and bass guitar. Originally from Lyon, France and Newcastle, England. We met in Hackney Wick, London in 2007 to form the firework that was “The Trumpets of Death”, then downsized to two to become “100% Beefcock and the Titsburster”, a powerhouse that transforms all life’s shit into a therapy for the masses. There aren’t words for some things, just see us.”

Grandmaster Gareth


Front-man for previous Paradox superstars Misty’s Big Adventure, this year Gareth will be performing a rare and intrepid live solo set, which may well feature music from his marvellous new album ‘Magical Sound Shower’ amongst other places. It might be expected to expect the unexpected, but you can be assured that whatever happens it will be amazing.

The Laze



“Sexy stories that the Alpha mother dwarf recounts in her catacomb while the gods crack mountains in the barren surface of a demon-ridden world” is what they say.

What I say is 7-piece lunacy that others have described as “King Crimson jamming with Isaac Hayes”, and I can’t really describe it any more accurately than that.

Joel Harries


Joel Harries is a musician from Northampton currently living in London. His beautifully lilting falsetto vocals atop gently picked guitar may bring to mind Nick Drake, or even Elbow, but comparisons aside the simple formula at work here is great songs, classily performed.



Hailing from Manchester, Plank! released their debut album Animalism in 2012, a heady mix of Krautrock, spacerock & prog underpinned by a chunky, tight rhythm section. No strangers to Fellfoot Wood, they should know exactly the right frequencies to make brains & trees vibrate in unison…


Corey wont stay up in that shit much longer by Marina Dellamore and Reecard Farché

Many musical acts claim to be unique, or are assigned that quality by the press etc, but very few actually are. Anklepants (aka Dr Reecard Farché) is most definitely worthy of that description. From deep in the Australian bush comes a nice exotic shapeshifting convict with no face for one genre. A concoction of musical knowledge, character design, creature effects and animatronic control, Anklepants has been scaring the willies out of people since 2008. Do not miss this!



Ex-Inner City Unit, and collaborators with the legendary Bob Calvert (after he had parted ways with Hawkwind) in the 1980’s, Krankschaft have a history as rich and varied as any band’s should be over 30-odd years. They’re still partial to a bit of cosmic rock, but there is a new-wave edge to their sound that sets them apart from the glut of wannabe space cadets.



Bruise performances are stylish and emotive, from dreamy folk flavored pop to the jagged and seductive. An emotionally driven cathartic hallelujah of a band changing the shape of folk-rock.

72% Morrissey


If indeed convenience culture and social media are reconfiguring our brain function, then 72% Morrissey are the perfect soundtrack to the descent of humanity into self-replicating fertiliser. It’s noisy, bouncy, distressing, baffling, fun and gone in the blink of an eye.

Omnia Opera


Back for a third year to send potent waves of plasma out into the woods, Omnia Opera will frazzle minds, ears and eyes like no-one else can. Their 2011 album ‘Nothing is Ordinary’ has been receiving lavish praise from all quarters, but it is live that the band really come into their own…a maelstrom of punkish psychedelic energy matched up with a mind-bending and retina-scorching lightshow…



I can say nothing better about Colossloth than every time I listen to them, they transport me to another place, and for that duration time is suspended and I am totally subsumed in their sonic world. That doesn’t happen often, I can assure you. Treading a musical line somewhere between Coil, Black Sabbath, and Future Sound of London, atmosphere is high and darkness is intense. Check their current album ‘Butterflies are witches’, currently receiving rave reviews by all who hear it…

Damrai Vent


Describing their output as “soundtracks to movies that don’t exist”, Damrai Vent manage to sidestep any easy categorisation, but in doing so perfectly sum up their sound…one of fluid electronic improvisation and atmospheric textures. As collaborators and musicians in their own right over the last ten years, their cumulative experience shows in the material. This will be a rare live performance, and promises to be one to remember…

Please note dates and times of performances are subject to change in the event of unforseeable circumstances.

2 thoughts on “The music…

  1. Rich L says:

    do you have a line-up with dates and approx times ? in particular, which night (and time) are 100% beefcock playing

    • Hi Rich, will be putting full running order up on here in due course…but can tell you that !00% Beefcock will be playing on the friday night around 8pm. Cheers, and hope to see you there 🙂

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